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Established in 1986, Homes Magazine is comprised of four real estate magazines in California distributed in the areas of:

  • Monterey Peninsula
  • Santa Barbara & Santa Ynez Valley
  • San Luis Obispo County
  • Santa Cruz County

Homes Magazine is also an Internet pioneer and has been displaying property listings online since 1993.

In each area, Homes Magazine is considered the premier real estate publication of choice by upscale real estate brokers, agents, new home developers and mortgage lenders.

Homes Magazine distributes nearly 5 million magazines annually throughout California and our upscale brand name recognition makes us the preferred choice for real estate information by homebuyers and home sellers.

Targeted circulation in high traffic locations gets Homes Magazine in the hands of thousands of homebuyers and home sellers each and every day.

Direct mail distribution and client contact services put Homes Magazine advertisers in front of specifically targeted consumers.

In 1993, Homes Magazine pioneered posting color photos of real estate listings in a searchable database on homesmagazine.com website. This spirit lives on in homesmagazine.com today as one of the largest providers of agent and broker websites and web services in the United States.

This Internet exposure through homesmagazine.com as well as other leading internet portals gives your advertising worldwide exposure.